Project Overview:

Our customer is a US based international company on the Fortune 500 list. They provide energy, logistics, and technology solutions to aviation, marine, and land customers and suppliers around the world. Their solutions include oil and energy procurement, distribution and storage, operations support, financial, consulting, and technology services.

With $40B annual revenue and around 5,000+ dedicated employees, the company delivers innovative fuel solutions and logistics at more than 8,000 locations around the world.

For current position we are looking for talented open-minded Senior Java Developer.

Senior Talent Delivery Specialist
Nadya Zabransky
  • Design and develop highly scalable, resilient Java Spring boot applications and microservices;
  • Evaluate and provide technical solutions to complex application development problems;
  • Collaborate with other team members to develop product features and services;
  • Develop tests to validate code quality;
  • Work with QA on developing testing processes, frameworks, and automation strategies;
  • Definition of API standards;
  • Federated GraphQL Gateway;
  • Apollo Studio and its feature-set;
  • Common WFS Java Libraries to assist API builders;
  • Backstage code skeletons to help bootstrap API development;
  • Facilitation of API Design Standards;
  • OKR related measurement and maintenance;
  • Automation of design standards where possible;
  • Participate in the development of new features, services and APIs;
  • Communication with business and technical stakeholders regarding requirements;
  • ​Providing technical documentation, UML diagrams, etc;
  • Contribute in set up and maintenance of team development processes, implementing engineering practices.
  • 5-7 years of software development experience;
  • Extensive experience in software development using Java 8, Java 11, Java Spring boot;
  • Web services (REST, SOAP);
  • Experience with API development using GraphQL, and AWS services like EC2, SQS, DMS, SNS, SES, S3 and others;
  • Proven ability to design scalable RESTful services;
  • SpringData / JPA / Hibernate;
  • Understanding of CICD process using Bamboo;
  • Experience with PostgreSQL and SQL Server, or other SQL database(s);
  • Solid knowledge of source controls like git or bitbucket;
  • Understanding of the software practices of Continuous Integration and Automated Testing;
  • Knowledge of authentication frameworks such as Auth0 a strong plus;
  • Commitment to understanding the business domain and incorporating quality software practices into all phases of the project life lifecycle;
  • Strong team player with excellent communication, problem solving and decision-making skills;
  • Knowledge of Scrum and Agile Methodologies;
  • Self-motivated professional who demonstrates strong technical agility and responsiveness and who is eager to learn and grow.




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